March 2, 2017

A Short List for Finding the Best Scale Makers

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My brothers and I had to investigate truck scale manufacturers after our father recently passed away. He ran a small trucking firm for the last ten years of his life and upon his passing we inherited the firm. Unfortunately, none of us knew much about running such a company. I’m a lawyer, my brother is a chef, and my other brother is an accountant. Trucking? We didn’t know anything about it, but we also wanted to keep the business in the family. That meant we had to take an honest look at the company and see how we could run it.

Fortunately, my father hired pretty good people and they wanted to keep their jobs so they helped us get up to speed. The guy in charge of weighing the trucks did have a beef, however. He said the scale they used to make sure the trucks didn’t get stopped and fined by the state needed a major upgrade or an outright replacement. Even he didn’t know how old it was, but it was costing a lot of money to keep repairing it with new parts. So one of the first things we decided to do was replace this aging equipment.

My brothers and I went online to look for truck scale manufacturers in order to familiarize ourselves with the various options available. We were quite concerned we would choose the wrong company and get soaked on the cost. We found a helpful blog that listed the various firms involved in making and distributing this type of equipment as well as descriptions about what they offered. It was easy to follow the links and gather further information. I figure we saved days by using the information on this site and in no time at all we were setting up a deal that was beneficial to the firm.

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