October 12, 2012

Finding Some Jerseys for a Friend

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A good friend of mine is in the military and is currently based overseas. I thought that I would try to find him something that he would really like for his birthday this year since he is stuck over there and will not be able to celebrate with the family like he usually does. I went online and started looking for some new nfl jerseys with his team and favorite player’s number on it. I wanted to be sure that what I got him was exactly what he would want.

I found a website pretty quickly that had the jerseys that I was looking for. I spent a little time looking through the different teams and the different NFL player names to be sure that I was not going to miss buying him the one or more than one that he would like. I found his three favorite players. I knew who his number one favorite was last year, but I was not completely confident that it had not changed since. I did not want to ask him who his favorite player was this year because I did not want to blow the surprise.

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