June 5, 2013

Creating Polo Crafts for Children Can Be Hard

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Polo players take pride in what they do, and at the age of 10 my child has been loving polo and have been playing a less “griddy” version of it for a while. I thought it would be a great idea to go to the internet and finding some clever childrens craft ideas for her and her polo team to do together after practice one day. I had no idea it would have been this difficult! The polo team she is on, it is a younger crowd. They do ride the horses and try not to get hurt. So after searching for days, I decided to look at the crafts individual to see what I could come up with for them. These are the ones that the girls seemed to love doing.

First was creating a pin of the jerseys they wear. The girls loved making these and all of them can show their support for their team.

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