November 26, 2013

My Grandmother Loves Soap Operas

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Months ago, my grandmother wanted to get satellite service. She likes to watch a lot of soap operas, and when she found out that one of her favorite soap operas wasn’t going to be aired on over the air television anymore, she was shocked. The show was being moved to satellite service, which she didn’t have. She’s not very good at using computers or the Internet, so she called me up and asked me if I could help her look at some philidelphia tv deals to get satellite service.

I’ve become somewhat of a computer expert in my family. I really don’t know that much more about computers than the average person, but apparently I know more than the rest of my family, and that’s good enough for them to consider me knowledgeable on the subject. Whenever they need computer help, they always call me, which is exactly why my grandmother called me.

I came over to her house one weekend to help her. We spend about an hour looking at various websites for the cheapest price on satellite services. (more…)

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