May 23, 2014

Good Deals on Bullet Proof Protection Equipment

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I have always been the type of person that likes to be extremely prepared. Right now, I have a year’s worth of a beef jerky in my cellar, just in case some sort of tragedy were to strike. I have been making preparations for times of hardship for a great number of years, but one thing that I do not have, is a kevlar bullet proof vest and I want to add one to my collection pretty soon. I actually would not mind adding a few of them to my collection, as long as I can get them for a good enough price. I would probably buy two or three of them, if I could get them for around five hundred dollars.

I want to get a bullet proof vest that has sort of ceramic plates that are for stopping more highly powered rifle rounds. One of the reasons why I want to get a bullet proof vest, other than for protection if the world goes crazy, is for when I go hunting. I have heard of several stories of people being accidentally shot when they were out hunting. And actually, such an incident happened nearby to my house not that long ago, in an area where I have gone hunting before in the past.

That is worrying to me, and I think I would feel a good bit better about my safety, when hunting, if I were wearing a bullet proof vest. It sounds like it would be a bit heavier, and maybe a bit hotter, to wear it when I am hunting. However, it does not seem like it would be too big of a price to pay for a bit of added safety, and a lot of extra peace of mind. Hopefully, I can find a place to buy them online.

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