February 14, 2016

Our Obsession with Perfect Teeth

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Perfect teeth. It’s a trait of American beauty that we put on a pedestal which, for a lot of people, means thousands of dollars being spent at their local dentist in Grand Rapids. Is it worth it? The health of our teeth is important, there’s no denying that but are they important enough that we must shape them to perfect lines of brilliant white? It’s a wonder where the obsession for that perfected image of teeth came from; I have no idea myself but as a kid it put a great deal of stress on me due to my crooked bottom teeth. They’re hardly noticeable but they were enough for the other kids to make fun of them. My parents couldn’t afford braces for me so I’ve had the same two crooked teeth all my life and even now I have moments where I feel a certain insecurity whenever I smile. It’s inescapable.

But we continue to push forward the ideal image of what teeth should look like. It sometimes makes me wonder whether or not those advertisements are paid by the dental associaton. (more…)

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