September 15, 2017

I Don’t Think We Could Enjoy Our Apartment Any More Than We Already Do

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Every evening when it is chilly out we sit on the couch in front of our fireplace in our apartment and watch the big-screen TV that is recessed-mounted above it. It is so cozy on those evenings that my wife and I often fall asleep on the couch. This is unlike any apartment that we ever had before. You can see pictures at www.palisades-apts.com. We have enjoyed living here from the first day we moved in.

I remember we stopped unpacking the first day to just go and lounge at the pool. We got so into using the amenities that it took us a month to fully unpack and get our apartment looking like we wanted it to look. We were not being lazy, we were just busy doing other things at our apartment complex. (more…)

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September 8, 2017

Sometimes Consumers Need a Little Help

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As a business owner, I get one question that everyone seems to wonder about. People always want to get something, but they don’t always have the money needed to get it. That’s when they try to make arrangements to pay for what they want until it’s paid off in full. I know this, because I’ve used consumer financing programs in the past to pay for things I want. I would count down the days until I was finally free of what I owed. Since I’m a fair business owner, I’ve added this option for my consumers to use when they buy from me.

The times when I get people that use this service the most is around the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are when people really want to spend money to get something for their loved ones, or either for themselves. (more…)

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