October 7, 2017

I Can Prepare My Own Taxes

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I used to just take my W2 and other forms to a professional and pay them to prepare my taxes for me, but since I started working from home so I could watch the kids, I started doing them myself. At first, it was difficult for me to understand what forms I needed. Even though I was using a website for help, there were still somethings that it didn’t explain to me and I became lost. I looked for help from the best tax preparation software that money could buy, because I figured the software would be more in depth.

The different types of tax software that I found had some common features, but there were some key things that were left out in some versions. One version had everything that a person would need, but didn’t take into account people working from home or owning their own business, which seemed like a weird thing to omit, especially in this day and age. I think that particular software was out of date and needed someone to add more to it. (more…)

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