April 3, 2017

How Safe Can This Be?

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When I saw my friend using this herbal mix for smoking I immediately got to wondering what it really was. Of course I could not help thinking about the classic scam where people would sell oregano or grass clippings as marijuana. You have to be pretty slow to fall for that and I suppose it would not work any more. I really wonder what the point of this stuff is at any rate. The web site I found says that you can reduce tobacco consumption or quit entirely by smoking the pleasant blend on its own. Of course tobacco is addictive and if you are addicted to something that is the one thing that you want. Smoking some other stuff is going to replace the physical habit, but you are still going to have a chemical dependency. It is not going to be something that is going to be any good for the health.

It is hard for me not to think about the stuff that they call analogs in the law, meaning that you have a synthetic drug that is supposed to act the same way as an illegal street drug. It is easy for people to sell these things, they are made in China and they usually are sold in places like gas stations and convenience store. It is pretty much a serious issue when they cause the occasional psychotic episodes. People only use them because they are cheap and easily available, but they also are supposed to go undetected in drug tests. There was an episode at the US Naval Academy, which obviously drug tests the cadets because they do not want to spend their money educating just anyone. It is pretty clear that you do not want them to have psychotic episodes either, no one needs a nut job.

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