July 9, 2016

I Wanted Something Bigger and Much Nicer

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My mom is thMy mom is the one who told me that leasing a condo is the best idea because you do not have a big yard to take care of or have to deal with a lot of other things that comes with being a homeowner. I thought she was right at first, but then I realized that leasing is not something I wanted to continue to do. I wanted to be part of the Capitola real estate market and buy something that belonged to only me. I did not want to have to answer to a landlord anymore.

When I lived in a condo, it was nice to not have to mow a big yard. I did not have to worry about the yard out front because the landlord kept that looking great for all of us who are his tenants. But because each of our tiny little backyards are fenced off, that was up to us. I was even able to use a small push mower to do it. I did not even have to buy gas for a gas-powered motor. I felt that saved me money. And it only took me about 15 minutes to complete. But I wanted something more.

My kids had longed for a big backyard to play in for many years. And now that they are getting older, I did not want them to miss out how fun it is to be able to run and play when you have a lot of space to do it in. Not only that, but more space means that you can get a swimming pool, have pool parties, barbecues and so much more. That is what I wanted us to be able to enjoy as a family. So, I began looking for a new house to buy and did exactly that.

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