March 23, 2017

Really Works Well with the Big Dogs

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I bought a leather walking leash for my new dog about four months after I got him. I was using one of those cheap cloth ones with the retractor you get at the local store, and it worked great when he was a puppy. We would go for the walks and it was easy to control his movements. We enjoyed our walks a lot for those first four months. Then he started growing. As everyone knows, dogs grow really fast and before you know it that adorable little puppy is a beast of an animal who can jerk that leash right out of your hands.

After the second time he jerked the leash out of my hands and ran off, I knew I needed something far more durable. My need for a new leash became immediate when my dog actually broke that cloth leash! I couldn’t believe it, but he’s getting so strong that maybe it was only a matter of time before it happened. I had to move fast to get something that would work because taking him out for a walk without any leash whatsoever was impossible. I had to lean down and hold his collar and sort of move him around the back yard.

So I got online and found a leather leash that is super strong. It’s thick and no nonsense and works like a charm. I got it rush delivered and when we went on the first walk with it my dog immediately tried to jerk it out of my hand. It didn’t work. I was able to easily pull on this new strong leash and bring him to heel quite quickly. I recommend anyone who plans on getting a large dog to go ahead and pick up this type of leash right from the first day.

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