September 8, 2017

Sometimes Consumers Need a Little Help

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As a business owner, I get one question that everyone seems to wonder about. People always want to get something, but they don’t always have the money needed to get it. That’s when they try to make arrangements to pay for what they want until it’s paid off in full. I know this, because I’ve used consumer financing programs in the past to pay for things I want. I would count down the days until I was finally free of what I owed. Since I’m a fair business owner, I’ve added this option for my consumers to use when they buy from me.

The times when I get people that use this service the most is around the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are when people really want to spend money to get something for their loved ones, or either for themselves. This is especially true of families with kids, because they’ll make their lists for Santa Claus. I did the same thing, and didn’t realize that my parents were the ones who had to pay for things for me and my siblings. Somehow, my parents were able to make it work without us figuring out a thing, at least until much later.

For the items that my customers buy from me, I don’t use credit checks, because I wouldn’t want to deny someone an item if they can make the payments on time. I also give them a bit of a grace period so they can accrue funds, just in case they happen to fall on hard times between the time when the purchase is made and the first payment is to begin. After that period, payment begins on a monthly basis. If trouble happens, I’m willing to work with the customers to help them pay off the balance.

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