April 3, 2017

The Band I Started in High School Was Professional from the Start

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I started a band in high school. I took singing and playing music seriously, so I actually interviewed potential band members before I was even old enough to drive. I developed the graphics, stage lighting, website, social media and wrote the songs. I needed band members that could read music and who wanted to be professionals. We even wrote licensing agreements for everything each of us contributed to the project. My parents bought us a giant band banner for the high school stage for our concert we were putting on for the graduation events. The senior class had asked us to play a one hour set for their graduation week. It was the first time playing in front of so many people at one time.

I developed the graphics for the band banner, and it looked great all blown up to stage scrim size. The graphics were the logo for the band and the song I wrote that was becoming a local hit. The big stage scrim along with the advanced lighting and the fog machine the high school stage already had really made us look great for our set. We owned that stage playing a well rehearsed set of songs for an hour. We were all exhausted after it was over, and we still had to take down all of our stuff and haul it to our individual homes. Our parents were our roadies that evening. I fell asleep on the way home. It was a lot of work setting up for that concert, and the work continued long after it was over.

However, we made it into the newspaper, and a segment of the concert was aired on a news station out of the nearby city we live close to. It was cool to have the publicity as it helped us to get more gigs. People were starting to see that even though we were young, we had a professional band.

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