August 5, 2017

The Paper Trail Was Too Chaotic

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When I was hired on as office manager for an independent care facility, I was surprised to see just how bad off the company was overall. The care staff was great, and they were taking care of their patients perfectly, but the paperwork trail was messed up pretty badly. I knew that I needed to make that my top priority, because it could lead to someone getting medication twice or even not at all. Neither of those situations are optimal, nor were the other potential problems. I contacted Bespoke software development in Liverpool to see if they would be able to help us.

I had heard a lot of good things about this company, and I wanted to give them first shot at helping us to create organization from the chaos I had walked into. I knew exactly what I wanted done. I just did not have the necessary skills to make it happen. That is why I went to the professionals, because they have such a stellar reputation when it comes to software and integrating different programs to make life more efficient for workers everywhere. I was able to get an appointment with them rather quickly, and I explained what was going on to the person who I made first contact with.

They had worked with other personal care homes in the past, which helped calm me down a good bit. While we are quite large, I knew that the basics would be pretty much the same for all of us. They were able to integrate everything that needed to be done onto one program instead of the six that we were using before, which is how mistakes were likely. Since we have started using the software they developed for us, we have been able to mainstream our entire operations, making it a much better work environment for us and a safer environment for our residents.

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