April 9, 2017

Turning Dark Circles into Lighter Ones

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I generally don’t think too much about criticisms that people give me, but something a previous boyfriend really stuck with me. He told me one night that my nipples were really dark. While he said that he liked dark nipples, I wasn’t too fond of them. I always thought my nipple were the average color, but I guess not. I looked into nipple bleaching to make my nipples a lighter color. I was afraid that I would have to do some kind of expensive procedure to get my nipples lighter, but I learned that it could be easily done with a topical cream.

I purchased a tube of cream from an online store to use as a test product. I rubbed a little bit of the cream on my nipples and monitored the results. I wasn’t exactly sure how the cream would make my nipples look, but if it produced results that I didn’t like, I would stop using the cream and ask for a refund. It’s a good thing that I ordered the cream online instead of buying it from a regular store. You can’t exactly walk into a store and buy or return some nipple cream without getting some funny looks from the cashier or people around you.

As the days passed, my nipples became much lighter. Compared to a picture of how my nipples looked before, it was like night and day. Since I was pleased with the results of the cream, I ordered some more. I’m actually thinking about going to a nude beach so I can show off my nipples. The problem is that there isn’t a nude beach near me. I’d have to travel out of the country to get to the nearest beach. I guess now is as good of a time to take a vacation as ever.

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