January 5, 2017

We Are Making the Best Use of Our New Electronic Whiteboards in Our Training Rooms

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In our training rooms we took out all the whiteboards that use the erasable markers. In their place we had electronic whiteboard installation completed. These devices are really cool for any sort of presentation. You probably have seen something similar on news shows. It is a screen where you can control and interact with what is being displayed. You can highlight, pinch and zoom, write and draw and more on an electronic whiteboard. It can do everything a regular whiteboard can do plus project high-definition video and it has sound.

The whiteboard installation is connected through a computer system that has access to our intranet and the Internet. I can bring up a file that is on my work computer and display it on the screen. We look at product testing videos. I can pause them and draw on the screen to point out what I am talking about. We have made some great strides in re-engineering our products for better durability and performance. The whiteboard lets everyone see what I am trying to describe rather than having them just imagine it.

The integrated whiteboard installation is used for training, product development and even research and development of new ideas. We are adding two more meeting rooms with these electronic whiteboards installed for other managers and engineers to use. It works so much better than relying on handouts or simple slide presentations. This is the next level in providing workable information to make each meeting all that much more productive. People get a hands-on look at issues and accomplishments. It is making our entire design and production team all that much more efficient at their jobs. I like it a whole lot. It took me a couple of hours to become familiar with all of the controls, but now I operate it as easily as I do my smartphone.

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