August 21, 2015

Why a Budget VPS Can Save You Money with Your Growing Website

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My website started out as a blog. I did go ahead and buy my own domain name I thought up. Then I started the blog using shared hosting. There was not a lot of traffic, so the low-cost shared hosting was plenty fast enough. As I built an audience, I needed to add more things to keep them interested. Then I needed more control over the actual computer where my site was shared. I needed to have certain versions of backend software that worked with the software that my blog runs on. What I needed was a budget VPS because then I could actually control things down to the operating system level.

If VPS technology was not available, I would have to get a dedicated server at the place that hosts my website. I did not have the traffic and sales to afford that. A Virtual Private Server is sort of like how shared hosting works. When you are on a shared server for your website, that means a bunch of different websites are physically stored on that computer. As requests to see pages or do things on the different websites come in, they are allocated on a first come first served basis. There is no problems until you get sites that are having a lot of traffic.

Now a nice budget VPS is actually a whole bunch of different operating systems operating on a single powerful computer. You can even reboot your server. The computers that run VPS systems are not like your desktop computer. They are fast and capable for running separate and distinct operating systems sharing the physical hardware of one computer. You have access to your root files, but you cannot get to someone else’s version of the operating system that is running. For all intents and purposes, it looks like you are on your own solitary computer connected to the Internet at your hosting provider. However, since the computer is a server running several OS instances, it saves you money in monthly fees.

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